We Optimize Profits for Grid-connected Batteries


For battery project developers who need foresight on their operational profit, StackEase offers backtests and financial forecasts simulations that enables customers to get a detailed insight on both the revenues on cross-market (FCR, aFRR, day-ahead, intraday and imbalance) and the costs (grid fees, NEMO commission, battery degradation, …).

Unlike our competitors, it offers a detailed overview of the financial forecast computed from algorithms dedicated to operations and calibrated on actual batteries.


For battery operation managers who have market access and who are looking for an optimal bidding strategy, the StackEase API provides real-time, 24/7, bids optimized on the profit that allow robust and efficient cross market operations on a wide range of products.. 

Unlike our competitors, our algorithms take into account specific battery costs, and operate on both ancillary services and short-term markets, ensuring a stable and positive profit to the end user.


For battery asset owners who are looking for a high performance turnkey solution, StackEase provides an all inclusive operation service dedicated to the batteries that allows seamless, above market and stable profits.

Unlike our competitors we optimize the operations by taking into account specific battery costs and operate on both ancillary services and short-term markets, ensuring higher performances and a more robust profit.

Our Offer

Storage assets are essentials to integrate renewables and lower the carbon footprint of electricity. StackEase empowers companies to maximize profits from large battery energy storage systems by unlocking the full potential of grid integration. Our innovative algorithms analyze and optimize bids across five distinct energy markets, considering factors like price, volatility, transfer fees and battery degradation cost. This holistic approach transcends the limitations of single-market dependence, ensuring a robust and profitable business model for your batteries.

We use an innovative approach based on advanced mathematical and machine learning techniques to provide secure revenues for battery owners. By increasing the feasibility of storage projects, StackEase paves the way for a better integration of low carbon electricity sources.

Our method goes beyond revenue diversification and profit maximization; it prioritizes ensuring the highest Return on Investment throughout the battery’s lifespan.


 StackEase’s core strength lies in its expertise in electricity markets, advanced mathematical optimization and machine learning techniques. Our decision-making tool uses deep reinforcement learning and optimization strategies to adapt to its market environment and take the most optimal decision across the different revenue streams from a techno-economical perspective.

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